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The company adheres to the development path of invigorating the enterprise through science and technology. Now it has a large number of highly educated management personnel and technical backbone. It has established enterprise Research Institute (rated as Zhejiang provincial high-tech enterprise R & D center). It has received and authorized more than 50 patents, 6 provincial scientific and technological achievements recognition, 2 provincial new product R & D plans and 1 trademark registration. While enhancing its R & D strength, based on the domestic and international market demand, it has introduced advanced Japanese production equipment, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of technology, Zhejiang University of technology, Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities and scientific research institutions. A series of high-quality products have been developed successively, and a multi-level product structure dominated by ternary precursors of lithium batteries (nickel cobalt manganese precursors, nickel cobalt aluminum precursors, nickel cobalt precursors) and ternary cathode materials (lithium nickel cobalt manganate, lithium nickel cobalt aluminate) has been formed. The products include polycrystalline and single crystal ncm111, ncm523, ncm622, ncm811 and other models. The product application scope covers electric vehicles, electric tools, high-end digital products, energy storage and other fields.

With high-tech products, stable quality and good service, the company has won a number of strategic customers. With the continuous expansion of the application field of new energy and new materials, the company adapts to the demand of market development and constantly expands the scale of investment. It plans to realize the production capacity of ternary cathode material of 50000 tons, the production capacity of ternary precursor of 54000 tons, and the joint production of 80000 tons of anhydrous sodium sulfate in the next three years. The company has completed the whole industrial chain layout of "nickel, cobalt, lithium raw materials, waste recycling, resource recycling, precursor and cathode materials", and built a world-class cathode material manufacturer for new energy power lithium batteries.