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In December 2015, I led a group of enthusiastic young people with passion and dream to establish Zhejiang Meidu Haichuang lithium battery technology Co., Ltd. with the care and support of leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life, and with the joint efforts of all staff of Haichuang, Haichuang has been in the wind and rain for nearly five years. It has been hard and sung all the way.

Along the way, we set up a team, set up a team, set a strategy, run the market, seek production and finance capital. All Haichuang's cadres are strict with themselves and set an example by example; all staff have taken root in the scene and worked hard to successfully promote the Haichuang brand to rank in the forefront of the industry. All the Haichuang people "open the road when meeting the mountain and bridge when meeting the water". They have run out of the "Haichuang speed" of lithium battery industry with diligence, bravery and selfless dedication. They have created the "Haichuang miracle" of lithium battery industry with their original heart and no regret in the spring.

"If heaven is healthy, a gentleman will never cease to strive for self-improvement.". Haichuang people will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "embracing all rivers and creating unlimited", actively comply with the rapid development of lithium battery industry, and always strive to build an international first-class manufacturer of positive electrode materials for new energy power lithium batteries, "no fear of challenges, live up to the trust", lead the market trend with lean research and development technology, win the recognition of customers with intimate service, and play with innovative quality New height of manufacturing industry. To help the development and upgrading of national new energy industry and make China's contribution to the global environment.

Sun and moon are rising, mountains and rivers are long, dreams and actions are on the way.


June 1, 2020

General Manager&apos